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Chakra Hoops 5. Vishuddha

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CHAKRA HOOPS - Vishuddha- A design inspired by the colours of our 7 Chakra's

Vishuddha is connected to the element sound and strongly influences your ability to speak up. When this Chakra is balanced you are able to express yourself in a honest and clear way. You will find the right words to say what you want and feel. You will experience that it is easy to listen to others and hear the truth in everything.  

Chakra Hoops are only provided with a push-button connection. 

You can use it to make the hoop smaller, in order to send it through the mail or possibly travel with it.

Available in diameter sizes 85, 90, 95 centimetres.

Choice of 20 mm HDPE or Polypr or 25 mm HDPE tubing.


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