UV Blue 16 mm Polypro Skinny


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Polypro (polypropylene) is hard and light material. A must for many advanced hoopers, especially when hooping off-body and doing stylized moves and isolation moves. The hoop responds quickly to every twist and so gives you great opportunities.  The colors of these hoops are outstanding! An inside grip tape or sanding the inside of the tube can make sure that the hoop is easily controlled. A polypro hoop is delivered with a click system; the push button opens the hoop so you can travel with it.


  • weight: just around 190 grams
  • with a click system (push button) that allows you to travel with it
  • tube size 1.6 cm
  • made of polypropylene (PPE)

Hoops are regularly provided with a push-button connection. You can use it to make the hoop smaller, in order to send it through the mail or possibly travel with it.

Available in diameter sizes 80, 85, (if desired a smaller diameter please contact me

Sanding or inside grip tape options available.

All hoop diameters are measured from inside to inside tubing


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80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 95 cm, 100 cm


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Inside Griptape

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