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What is an Infinity Folding hoop?

This variety is foldable because it has two turning connectors. It turns quick and easy into an 8-shape that can be folded to half the diameter. It’s by far the easiest and fastest way of folding your hula. Perfect for the festival hooper. Just bring a small string to hold the folded hula together. De Hoepel Winkel loves metallics and bling bling. This Infinity system does not like this tape. The tape will wrinkle and in the end damage. This is why a lot of our hoops do have a push button connection. In the tubing variations of each product you see if the hoop has the option for Infinity System. Because it’s a bit of a heavier hoop (only used in HDPE 20 & 25 mm tubing) it gives you good body contact while on-body hooping, so you feel faster how to direct the hoop and adjust your movement.

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