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What is the difference between HDPE 20 & HDPE 25 mm tubing?

The HDPE 20 mm tubing makes a real allround hoop when it is not too big. Say 90-95 cm. diameter. This hoop is still suitable for on-body hooping but you can also practice off-body hooping without fear of muscle acidification. It is a bit lighter than the beginner hoops and will sooner give you the feeling of dancing in and with your hoop.

The HDPE 25 mm hoop is a basic beginners hoop when build in a 95-110 cm diameter. It is a nice hoop when you start hooping and a must-have when you frequently practice the basics of waist hooping. Because it’s a bit heavier it gives you good body contact while on-body hooping, so you feel faster how to direct the hoop and adjust your movement. A bigger diameter (more than 95 cm) will also make sure the hoop is turning at a more quiet pace, which gives you time to master the technique.

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