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Why polypro? and what is the difference between 16 & 20 mm tubing?

Polypro is hard and light material. A must for many advanced hoopers, especially when hooping off-body and doing stylized moves and isolation moves. The hoop responds quickly to every twist and so gives you great opportunities. With taping you can make the tube nice and grippy, and also a wee bit heavier. A polypro hoop with (grip) taping is slightly better controllable when you’re on-body hooping.

If you really wanna go light and small pick the skinny 16 tubing. This gives the liquid & flowy effect when used in isolations. For some it is just tha nioce feel of a thin tubing in your hand. For some it is the skinny look while hooping. Don’t go bigger than 85 cm diameter as this tubing is way more flexible than 20 mm tubing.

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