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Tips for Do-It-Yourself

Taping a hoop is not as easy as it may look at first glance. Here are a few tips that will help you tape your first hoop. Please take note that it’s something like baking your first pancake – that may prevent disappointment.

Choose the right tapes. Before you tape your hoop, you have to decide which tapes you will use. On this website we sell Pro-Gaffer tape, aka grip tape, of ½ inch width. This is rugged tape that makes your hoop stick easily. It’s strong and made for heavy use. Pro-Gaffer tape comes in various colours like UV aka NEON tapes. Pro-Gaffer NEON tapes light up in UV neon light. Always be careful in which order you put the tapes on.

Always end with the tape that is strongest and has the nicest edges, for finishing. Isolation tape is not that strong and shouldn’t be put on last. Most types of glitter tape also are a lot more vulnerable than grip tape. When glitter tape gets damaged the edges are irritating to the skin. So if you have a lot of glitter tape, it is advisable to end with a Crystal Clear protection layer (later more about that).

Choose the direction of taping. You can put the tapes in the same direction or in a ‘braid’ pattern. Experiment with this on a little piece of tubing just until you have a nice combination. The braid pattern will cost you more length of tape.

Choose the right distance between the tapes. Getting the perfect spiral starts with the first bit. You’ll want the distance between the winded tape to be the same everywhere on the hoop. Try to get right angle on the first 20 cm by putting up all the tapes, without cutting them off. Do two windings with your tapes and see if it fits. A small gap in the beginning will get bigger and bigger after a few windings. Is everythingfitting? Then you can put the tape on, tape by tape. Grip tape and isolation tape is somewhat flexible, you can adjust it for 1 or 2 mm per winding. That’s convenient. Make sure you don’t do that too often as it will be noticed. Glitter tape and duct tape – should you use any – is not adjustable.

Make sure you have a good hold of your hoop. We recommend holding the hoop vertically between knees/thighs and feet.

Fresh tape sticks best. Did you get your first bit off three times, touching the sticky layer with your fingers? Cut it off and start with fresh tape. You’ll know why.

Switch off the telly! Check in between, look closely with every winding. Don’t just simply go on. Accompany the tape with your finger, as if you were ironing the tape. That’s how you prevent wrinkles.

Think about the connector and how it will fit in the taping. For those who make their own hoop: nicest is to shoot the push button or blind rivet in after the taping. Cutting it out with a sharp knife is also possible.

Glossy means smooth. Do you need an inside grip? Apply it really easy and hold your hoop straight.

Finish the edges at the opening with an extra piece of (grip) tape. If you have a completely closed hoop make sure the connection has an extra strong layer. The tape will tear most easily at this place.

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