Purple & Pink


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A super comfi folding and grippy hoop wich is perfect for learning on-body basics or (if you choose a 20mm tubing) perfect for both on & off body hooping. 

All basic hoops are able to fold in through a convenient folding system: The Infinity System. It is an easy and quick connection which allows you to turn the hoop to an 8-shape and fold it.

All hoop diameters are measured from inside to inside tubing

Our choice in size is limited:

The beginner is a 25 mm HDPE tubing is 100 cm inside diameter (on-body hoop)

The intermediate is a 20 mm HDPE tubing is 90 cm inside diameter (on & off- body hoop)

If you like other sizes and tubes check out our Sparkly Hoop section here.

Additional information

Hoop type

Beginner 100cm, Intermediate 90cm


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