Set of 6 wicks 16mm tubing




FIRE Set 6 pieces

With a Bendy Wicks fire hoop you can hoop just as nice as with your normal hoop. It’s light and can take a knock.

Bendy Wicks can be put on every 20 mm hoop dat you like, which makes your hoop easily transportable. You just take off the wicks and fold your hoop (provided you have a folding hoop with push button).

The wicks are made of very high quality lightweight stainless steel. The length is 130 mm for for the 20 mm hoops. The stainless steel wire is flexible so it can take a shock if your hoop falls, which prevents your hoop from getting damaged. The wicks are produced in a way so that the connecting piece does not get hot.

The head of the wick is specially made for paraffine prepared teflar.

Download the users manual on the Bendy Wicks website.


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