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De Hoepel Winkel loves to hoop. Thats why we build a hoop that gives your body an extra push to work harder. This extra push also helps you to really feel the basic waist hooping technique on your body. It gives you a grounded and fun feeling while dancing as it sits steady and rocks on!

A slightly weighted Fitness hoop from +/- 1.3 kg. (100 cm diameters)

This female friendly hoop allows you to dance and work on your core strength time without getting bruises on the hips.

Most fitness hoops are designed to only loose fat on the waist. They have extra massage dots on the inside and are more heavy in order to do weight lifting with the hoop.

A daily 30 min. dance on your favourite (up-beat) music, will give you more core-stability AND that happy hoopdance mood!

Pick your colour and size.

Available in different diameters: 100 – 105 -110 cm (inside to inside tubing)

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95 cm, 100 cm, 105 cm, 110 cm


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