Tubing 20 & 25 mm HDPE


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Produce your own hoop and order 3 meter tubing (good for a hoop with a diameter of 90- 95)  A HDPE hoop is a bit heavier, it gives you good body contact while on-body hooping, which means you feel faster how to direct the hoop and adjust your movement.


– 25 mm: perfect for starting hoop dancers or when practicing new on-body movements;

– 20 mm: ideal if you want to be able to do off-body movements as well as on-body hooping;

– decide which diameter you want; you’ll need 3.14 times that length when you order your length of tubing

– black colour with blue stripe

– you will always receive a bit more, just in case the assembling goes a bit wrong

– the ordered length of tubing will arrive in one piece

– price is per  3 meter

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20 mm HDPE, 20 mm Polypro, 25 mm HDPE


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