Tubing Polypro 20 mm




Clear PolyPro 3 meters

Polypro is hard and light material. A must for many advanced hoopers, especially when hooping off-body and doing stylized moves and isolation moves. The hoop responds quickly to every twist and so gives you great opportunities. Perfect for performances. With taping you can make the tube nice and grippy or let it sparkle! Without taping it has a natural beauty, and you don’t need to worry about damaging the tape. A polypro hoop with gript taping is slightly better controllable when you’re on-body hooping.


– an average polypro hoop weighs only 240 grams

– tube diameter 19 mm

– decide which diameter you want; you’ll need 3.14 times that length when you order your length of tubing. Price is for 3 m of tubing. (90-95 diameter)

– translucent white colour

– you will always receive a bit more, just in case the assembling goes a bit wrong

– the ordered length of tubing will arrive in one piece


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